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​​​​One of the youngest female producers in the industry, Sunny Bates has every intention of going to the top to create her own Christian-based films. She feels called to be a light in the darkness for people like her father who died of a drug overdose when Sunny was young. Her path is full of difficulties, but her greatest challenge is staying faithful in an environment saturated with temptation.

All Jackson Maise ever wanted was to play his music and raise horses on his family’s thoroughbred ranch. Sunny Bates is everything he never wanted in a life partner—a city girl and a serious career woman who wears the trappings of Hollywood as comfortably as she wears a glove. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t see Sunny on his Tennessee ranch. But tell that to his heart. 

​Electronics engineer Drina Gallagher has created a powerful weapon that will protect soldiers’ lives—and it’s put her own at risk. Kidnapped and locked in a desert shack, she’s desperate to stop her plans from getting into enemy hands, but whom can she trust? Especially when the security expert who rescues her isn’t who he seems.

Forced to blow his cover after spending two years infiltrating a black market ring, CIA Agent Cal Norwood blames Drina’s recklessness, though he admires her courage. And while his mountain cabin offers a temporary refuge, protecting Drina means outwitting—and defeating—a relentless foe determined to seize the weapon plans at any cost. 

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As a special thank you for signing up for my newsletter, I’m offering a free read! SILVER SPURS is a short story of one woman's outlook on life...from young to old. This poignant free read, in PDF format, will be available to those who are new to my list.

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